Duo Authentication Issues

Incident Updates
Duo Authentication Issues
Mon Aug 21 2023 - 14:35:50

We have identified an issue Duo two factor authentication and are working towards a resolution.

Further updates will be provided shortly.

Duo Update
Mon Aug 21 2023 - 14:48:04

The issue has been identified and is being investigated by our thrid party supplier; further details and updates can be found via https://status.duo.com/#

Mon Aug 21 2023 - 16:16:39

Duo have now identified the issue causing authentication slowness and failures to load the Duo Prompt and are working to resolve the problem. 

Duo update
Mon Aug 21 2023 - 19:35:04

Duo have started to resolve problems and authentication should now function normally. IT Services will continue to monitor the situation.

Issues with Duo resolved
Mon Aug 21 2023 - 19:45:54

Issues authenticating with Duo have now been resolved.